Duchess Kate shocks with un-royal move following return from maternity leave

By Hayley October 3, 2018
Image: Peter Nicholls/AFP/Getty Images

Back from maternity leave for five minutes and already blowing people’s minds!

Duchess Kate Middleton looked her typical stunning self as she returned to royal duties rollowing the birth of now five-month-old Prince Louis.

But when she rocked up to an appearance at Paddington Recreation Ground in London, she let some of her normal-person heritage sneak through.



Royal watchers were already on the lookout for this particular form of down-to-earth behaviour because Meghan Markle did it last week.

Duchesses. They’re just like us!

Hold up - apparently Kate has been in on this whole shutting-you-own-door game for ever - Meghan just made it a thing:

But don’t be thinking any rules were broken by this brazen carry-on. Royal commentator Victoria Arbiter tweeted she was ‘poking her eyes out’ over the drama.

Anyway. Here’s a video of Queen Liz rolling in her royal cars to play you out of this mess. Absolutely no car doors were touched by royal hands in this video.

Image: Peter Nicholls/AFP/Getty Images