Reports Kylie Minogue has found love

By Christina Cavaleri August 10, 2017
Kylie Minogue Instagram

The Aussie golden girl has been spotted with a mystery man.

Kylie Minogue is making headlines today with reports that the Aussie songstress may have found love with a new man. The 49-year-old pop star was seen out in London with a tall, salt 'n pepper fox yesterday and the Internet has been alight with excitement since. 

The pair was seen enjoying a wine together with their arms wrapped around one-another. According to reports, onlookers even saw them re-enacting moves from her song 'The Locomotion'. 

The sighting comes six months after Minogue’s split with ex-fiancé, Joshua Sasse.

On the break-up, the Aussie sweetheart told the Sunday Herald Sun:

"Well, I try to see the glass as half full. … If the glass is half full, then yes. I haven’t had the white picket fence and happy ever after in my life, so far, but perhaps that’s just not my destiny. I know love and I love to be in love."


At the launch event for her Supersavers eyewear range in Sydney, Mingoue also shared that she had been channelling her heartache over Sasse into her work:

“It has been an interesting few months, but fantastic for moving forward creatively,” she told fans.  

Minogue recently celebrated 30 years since the release of ‘The Locomotion’.

The 49-year-old thanked her fan base ‘lovers’ for being there for her throughout the good times and the bad.

"What a journey it has been since then and here I am once again recording music! If I was to tell the girl in these photos what was to come, how much she would love and become part of the industry, the lessons she would learn, who she would meet, the experiences she would have along the way and, and ...... well, how could I even put that into words. Thank you #lovers for being there for me throughout!"

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New partner or not, we're so happy to see our Kylie is doing well and can't wait to see what she gets up to next. 

Image credit: Kylie Minogue/Instagram