Lena Dunham's throwback photo has left fans FUMING

By Stephanie Nuzzo May 17, 2017

Not what we were expecting!

If there’s one thing most people are familiar with, it’s Lena Dunham’s appearance. The writer and actress, who was the mastermind behind HBO's hit-series Girls, has never shied away from an opportunity to make a statement about body image or perceptions of beauty and is well-known for her borderline exhibitionist tendencies (both on-screen and on her social media accounts). 

What less of us are familiar with, however, is what Lena looked like before she became Hannah Horvath. And it may not be what you’d expect.

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Dunham has shared a sweet throwback photo of herself from way, way before her days in the spotlight and we have to admit, she looks nothing like what we would have guessed. 

For some reason we pictured a little girl with a big dorky (but adorable) grin wearing the '90s equivalent of a slogan t-shirt. Instead, little Lena is pictured in a pink tutu, with soft bangs framing her face and her feet and hands carefully placed, ready for a curtsy. 

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Lena captioned the photo with: 

“#tbt gender is a construct” 

Her words change the image, which at first glance just looks like an adorable throwback, into a far more profound statement. 

The message, which obviously allude to her outfit, hair and pose, calls on audiences to consider the idea that gendered behaviours are taught, which led to some fairly heated comments:

“u r an idiot,” wrote one user. 

“gender is a spectrum”, commented another. 

“This is everything,” wrote a third. 

Another shared:

“there's a definite difference between influencing a child to be more masculine or feminine, and science. Biology. There are only 2 genders. You can be on whatever side of the scale of masculine or feminine and it can change day to day. But gender is not a social construct.”

And the list goes on: 

“She makes me wanna vomit.”

“You are a beautiful person and I'm proud that my girls look up to you”

Ah, the power of one quick celebrity Instagram post, hey?

Image: Instagram/@LenaDunham