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Are Sharon and Nick from MAFS expecting a baby?!

By Stephanie Nuzzo March 20, 2017

Could this loved-up couple be expecting, already?

So, the latest rumour to spill out of the world of Married at First Sight is that one of the show’s favourite couples, Sharon and Nick, may be expecting their first child together!

New Idea has printed photos of 31-year-old Sharon shopping for baby bibs with a friend and packing a baby bouncer into her car. The reality TV show ‘bride’ looks ecstatic as she holds up a bib to her friend and according to the mag, a source stated she was “absolutely glowing”

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“She kept picking up all of these tiny romper suits and cooing over them,” the source continued. 

A ‘friend’ of Sharon’s spoke with New Idea, sharing that she is thrilled over the news:

“Nick has a lot of qualities that Sharon loves, but his calm demeanour and thoughtfulness are both things she sees as great dad attributes,” the source said. 

“He loves the outdoors too, and she always pictured herself having big family camping trips one day. She can’t believe it’s happening.”

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Who knows? Perhaps this is the beginning of a MAFS family and yes, that would be very exciting news for the pair. However, let’s remember that just because someone is buying baby gear, that doesn’t mean it’s for their own child. 

We guess time will tell… 

In the meantime, we give you full permission to squeal from excitement (we certainly will). 

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