MAFS Tracey hits back at claims she’s ‘abandoning her child’ for love

By Hayley April 6, 2018
Married At First Sight Tracey Dean

Married At First Sight’s Tracey Jewel was slammed by fans after announcing she was relocating from Perth to Melbourne to be with new beau Sean Thomsen - without her eight-year-old daughter Grace.

The 34-year-old was so irritated by the fallout that she penned an open latter to her haters via, explaining “this attack hasn’t been fair to myself, my daughter, or her dad.”

Tracey explained that her daughter was three when he marriage dissolved - and Grace’s father is now married to a woman with four children, who have embraced Grace as a sibling.

“Early on, [Grace] was with me a lot more, but soon it became clear that taking her away from her siblings was causing her more stress, and she was missing out on family activities that they got to experience.

“Given I returned to work after the divorce (I had to for financial reasons) and her stepmum is a stay-at-home mum it made no sense for Grace to be in daycare when she could be with her siblings and stepmum.

“She’s now been with this family unit longer than when we were married and it works for our situation. I see Grace at least one night a week and more in school holidays, and she’s a happy, well-adjusted girl, and that’s all that matters.”

Tracey explained that while she was filming Married At First Sight, she took care to FaceTime and Skype her daughter regularly, and had a four-night trip back home mid-show to see her daughter. 

She plans to move to Melbourne “in June or July”, and has pre-planned weekend trips to Perth, with Grace flying to Melbourne during school holidays.

Tracey pointed out that MAFS co-star Telv Williams has a similar interstate arrangement with his children, and hasn’t copped the same amount of flak:

“His kids are in Perth, and he regularly flies there from Melbourne to see them. But nobody is out there calling him a bad parent. It shouldn’t be any different for me.But nobody is out there calling him a bad parent. It shouldn’t be any different for me.

“I am very involved in her life. Her dad and I co-parent — we’re at the parent teacher interviews together. We go to the school concerts. Just because we don’t have a traditional situation doesn’t mean I’m hurting my daughter.”