Margot Robbie Reveals The Creepy Way She Got Into Character

By Christina Cavaleri July 16, 2019

"It was sometimes very sad..."

We all know Margot Robbie is a tremendous actress and we're insanely proud of her because she's Aussie. 

But when it comes to great acting, it isn't just about learning lines. These professionals go deep, like Daniel Day-Lewis who lived on a secluded hilltop for six months.

Margot Robbie didn't remove herself from humanity to become Sharon Tate for Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming blockbuster, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood; but she did bring some method acting into it and it's kinda creepy.

Speaking to the US Today show she revealed she wore the late star’s personal jewellery collection on-screen: 

“It was sometimes very sad to be that closely connected with real-life Sharon.

"It kind of hit you at moments, and suddenly the tragedy of it all would kind of hit you and you would be tremendously sad, and then other times it just made me feel so happy."

Sharon Tate's sister, Deborah, lent Margot the items for her time on-screen. 

"But yes, there were moments where it was very sad."

Valley Of The Dolls star Sharon and her unborn baby were slaughtered by members of Charles Manson's cult The Family.

The late actress' sister, Deborah, initially slammed the film and Robbie's casting, but she gave Tarantino her blessing after meeting with the moviemaker.

Margot didn't keep her inner Sharon for just onscreen though. The actress has been channelling Sharon's fashion on the red carpet events in the lead up to the film's premiere. 

She repped soft braids around her face at this year's Cannes Film Festival photo call, a toast to Sharon at the same festival back in 1968.

Image credit: Getty Images / Chris Delmas / Contributor