Married At First Sight’s Ryan Gallagher declares love for NZ model

By Hayley October 10, 2018
Images: Ryan Gallagher / Instagram

“I've definitely fallen for her.”

Larrikin Married At First Sight star-turned-stand-up comedian Ryan Gallagher has been dating New Zealand model Ayla Browne for the last month - but things are already getting serious.

The smitten 30-year-old has already posted multiple photos with the 24-year-old stunner online - and she’s already met his family.

And while his TV bride Davina Rankin met the fam during their ‘relationship’ on Married At First Sight - Ryan told 9Honey Celebrity that it didn’t count.

“[Ayla is] my first relationship since the show and my first real relationship in the past four years.

“She's met my parents and everything… She's the fifth girl I've taken down there… or actually fourth - I don't include Davina.”

Ryan met Ayla while he was judging the Miss Hawaiian Tropic contest on the Gold Coast, and said it was “refreshing” to discover Ayla had never watched MAFS, and didn’t know who he was.

Intimidated by her beauty, Ryan asked her out on Insta - and flew to NZ a week later to see her. Now she’s making plans to stay with his family over Christmas - talk about a whirlwind romance!

"I've definitely fallen for her but it's only been a month. She makes me feel really good and I love having her around. I love taking her out and always having her there by my side. It's really nice.”

Images: Ryan Gallagher / Instagram