Nadia speaks out about Anthony's small boobs comment on MAFS

By Marni March 16, 2017
Nadia Married At First Sight

This is infuriating

Much of Australia was appalled when tuning into Married At First Sight this week to hear Anthony critique the size of 'wife' Nadia's breasts. Nadia has now opened up to OK! Magazine revealing she thought the comments were "harsh":

"He's just very uncensored in his approach… It comes back to tact and the fact he could probably find some better words to use. For a person that is insecure or not comfortable in their skin, that comment would be quite offensive."

She added that she's (thankfully) very comfortable with her body, and it's not actually the first time a partner has complained about the size of her breasts. 

"I've actually had a boyfriend tell me that I needed a boob job before."

Why a guy feels like it's OK to say that to someone is totally beyond us...

Anthony Married at First SightAnthony's comments were made during a shopping trip where he wanted to buy her something nice for a special date night. Speaking to the shop assistants he asked:

"Is this for someone with boobs?" adding "Nadia doesn't have the boobs" for a strappy dress he picked up off the rack. 

Lisa Wilkinson said what we were all thinking after watching the ep, when she tweeted: 

"Run Nadia, RUUUUN!!"

Images: Nine Network