Suri Cruise Is All Grown Up, And Looks Just Like Katie Holmes

By Staff Writer April 20, 2019
Suri Cruise Katie Holmes Instagram


It's not exactly news to anyone that Suri Cruise looks a lot like her mother, Katie Holmes. 

But with every year that passes, it continues to amaze us to see just HOW much she resembles her mum. 

The only daughter of Holmes and her former husband, Tom Cruise, turned 13 this week and Page Six shared a sweet photo of the new teen to commemorate the date. 

In the pics, Cruise is seen taking photos of flowers in New York looking all grown up in a white sweater and a pair of floral pants.

The outfit was surprisingly similar to what Holmes wore earlier this month while promoting the film, The Boy Two.

I mean, would you look at these two? 

They're basically twins. 

Image: Instagram