Tara Pavlovic admits hitting ‘abusive’ Sam Cochrane, video leaks of Sam begging HER to forgive him

By Hayley August 8, 2018
Images: Sian Kelly / Sam Cochrane / Instagram

Just when you thought Bachelor In Paradise’s Sam Cochrane and Tara Pavlovic’s break-up couldn’t get any messier!

A friend of Tara’s has leaked a video message from Sam, recorded after their breakup on June 27, showing the 34-year-old tearfully begging Tara to forgive him for his behaviour:

“I’m sorry I didn't come to bed with you. But If I had you back, I would do that. Because it's so important and you loved it. You needed to be held. I played stupid games.

“I’ll let go now, and I'm sorry for the messages in the nights.”

The clips were posted by Tara’s friend and one-time Bachelor co-star Sian Kelly, who appeared to be filming excerpts from a 27-minute video Sam filmed while using Tara’s computer.

Image: Sian Kelly / Instagram

Sian accompanied the clips with some strong words to Sam:

“@samual_cochrane I don't care if this cops me some heat. Don't publicly humiliate my friend when we all know damn well how you feel about her…

“I know what [Tara] has been through since she was little and over my dead body am I going to allow some petty little boy DARE tarnish what she has worked so hard for and what she truly f***ing deserves!

“Trying to turn this around on her because you are upset that she found someone better and to have the audacity to laugh at her for moving in with this new man so soon when you were the idiot that asked her to marry you after 6 weeks and yes she's the bigger idiot for saying yes.”

Images: Sian Kelly / Instagram

On Monday, Sam alleged that Tara had physically abused him during their relationship, accusing her of having an alcohol problem. Tara mocked his claims in a series of Instagram stories, dubbing him a ’narcissist’ who was ‘emotionally abusive’.

She admitted to hitting him at their engagement party, but only because he “pushed her” to do it. An Instagram post explained:

“He left me at our engagement party after he accused me of hooking up with his friend Stu. He said in the article he left because I was drunk — NOT TRUE.

“When I got back to the hotel he wasn’t there. When he got back I asked where he was and he said he was with his French ex f--k buddy (who he used to tell me sex stories about) and insinuated that he cheated on me (he would often play games like this to make me jealous).

“When he told me he cheated on me, I hit him and cried and told him to get out of my hotel. After he realised that the game backfired and I was done, he told me he didn’t touch her and just went to her house to help her find her cat (that was the emergency he spoke of).

“He pushed me. He pushed me every day. There are two sides to every story. I do not condone violence, I’m not a violent person. This was so out of character for me, which is why I left when he begged me back for weeks.

“If I was that bad, surely the guy wouldn’t beg for me back. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship with a narcissist. Only someone who has been through that can relate to how f—ing bad it is, and how you can be pushed over the edge.”

If you or someone you know is affected by domestic violence, help is available at 1800Respect. If you are experiencing an emergent situation, call 000.

Images: Sian Kelly / Sam Cochrane / Instagram

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