Why there was tension between Meghan Markle and The Queen

By Hayley October 31, 2018

They looked like BFFs during their first joint appearance this year - but apparently it was a different story behind the scenes.

Meghan Markle made her first official appearance alongside The Queen in Cheshire on June 15.

And while the pair were photographed sharing giggles and looking totally cute together - a new biography claims there was an awkward moment when Meghan failed to follow the Queen's rules that day.

Robert Jobson, author of the forthcoming biography Charles At Seventy: Thoughts, Hopes And Dreams, said that Meghan ignored the message from royal aides that Her Majesty would be wearing a hat.

Meghan apparently didn't realise this meant she also had to wear a hat - leaving The Queen “a little baffled” when Meghan rocked up hat-free.

The author claimed Meghan's "lack of respect" had been "duly noted" - with a royal insider telling him it was an unfortunate mix-up:

“I don’t think the Duchess fully understood.

"This was not a request. They are for others to make, not the Queen.”

Apparently Meghan and The Queen are still on great terms, sharing a love of dogs and handsome ginger princes.

On the day of the event, video was posted of Meghan looking confused about entering a car with the Queen.

Assuming The Queen went first, she had to ask an aide about protocol, and learned that The Queen likes to sit behind the driver's seat.

Once she figured it out - she dashed in front of The Queen in record time.

Image: Getty