We didn't even recognise Michelle Bridges in this selfie

By Sangeeta Kocharekar May 18, 2017

The mother-of-one is looking amazing!

While we’ve seen her on a fair few red carpets now, the Michelle Bridges we think of is the athletic-wearing one, not the glam one.  

However, last night, she shared a selfie from InStyle Women Of Style Awards and we didn’t even recognise her at all. Like, at all. 

Check it out:


She looks good, but just very different with her lined lips, smokey eye and ‘90s choker. Fans thought so too and commented such things as:

"I had to look twice... as I thought you were Nicole Richie for a sec there. Looking stunning."

"You look so beautiful."

And this less kind one:

"What are you doing to your face Mish? It's changing..."

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Michelle attended the event with boyf Steve 'Commando' Willis. Earlier this week, she hinted to The Daily Telegraph, the pair who once starred together on The Biggest Loser, may be making a return to TV.

"Well, you never know. You'll have to watch this space!"

Image: Getty/Mark Sullivan