Clone of What Megan Marx looked like BEFORE her $47,000 surgery makeover

By Hayley April 9, 2018
Image: Channel Ten

Bachelor In Paradise's Megan Marx revealed she spent $47,000 over the space of 10 years to transform her image - and this is what she looked like before going under the knife.

The 29-year-old shared photos with NW magazine, showing herself at various different stages of her transformation.

The earliest pic shows a brunette Megan looking slightly different in the face, but still gorgeous.

Image: Megan Marx

She told NW her first surgery was at age 18, when the then-devout church-goer felt the pressure to attract a husband.

"It's bizarre to think, but you're still human and people are vain, right? …I got my boobs done just before I got married.

”It's bizarre, right? I hadn't even had sex yet and saved up and didn't tell a single person that I went off to get them done."

Megan said she had a “liquid nose job” done with fillers, as well as Botox and fillers in her cheeks and lips, and more recently had rhinoplasty and a lip lift.

“I like to eat healthy and work out, but no matter how much of that you do, your nose doesn't get any smaller.”

Image: NW Magazine

Megan says she is “done” with plastic surgery now, and speculates that “lots of the girls” on Bachelor In Paradise have probably had work done. What about the blokes, though?

“I’m not going to comment, sorry!”