The Wiggles divorce: Friend reveals the real story behind Emma and Lachy’s split

By Hayley August 5, 2018
Image: Emma Watkins / Instagram

The Wiggles’ Emma Watkins and Lachlan Gillespie confirmed on Friday that they were calling time on their two-year marriage.

And while the news came as a shock, a friend of the couple told Sunday Confidential that the pair weren’t as cheery behind the scenes as their Wiggly public personas would have us believe.

The friend suggested that it was Emma who decided to end things - with the ‘besotted’ Lachy desperately trying to save their marriage:

“Lachy is absolutely heartbroken. He was completely besotted by Emma and worshipped her and still does. 

“He tried absolutely everything to make it work, but in the end, he couldn't. His heart has been broken.”

The friend spoke to the column after footage from a 2016 interview resurfaced, suggesting Lachy was the one struggling to commit.

The interview, conducted by Jules Sebastian as part of her Tea With Jules series, saw Emma and Lachy discuss their engagement.

Emma said: 

“I have always loved Lachlan, since the very day I met you. It's taken Lachlan a long time.”

A flustered Lachlan responded with:

“I liked you too, it's just…”

The pair dissolved in awkward giggles before Emma explained their gruelling work schedule made it difficult to navigate a romantic relationship in a normal way.

“You become so close, and you work so closely together, that we already had such a good relationship before we dwindled into becoming engaged.”

Emma and Lachy had been secretly dating for two years when they announced their relationship in March 2015. Two months later, Lachy proposed on Sydney Harbour, with their wedding following in April 2016.

Images: Emma Watkins / Instagram