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These shirtless pics of MKR’s Josh modelling are truly bizarre

By Sangeeta Kocharekar April 18, 2017

Bizarre, but funny

Despite his villainous personality, there’s no denying My Kitchen Rules’ Josh Meeuwissen is easy on the eyes. And now, we’re finding out, some clothing brands think so too. 

Turns out, Josh did heaps of modelling back in 2013. In February, Daily Mail Australia dug up pics from a bizarre shoot, which saw Josh posing in Birkenstocks, a bowler hat, and an unzipped, hooded vest. We only just discovered the pics, and we actually don't even know how we continued to live without having seen them.


And our favourite because what the actual hell...


Then, last week, Yahoo! Be found fresh, new pics of our fave TV villain in a Betts campaign. We hate to say it, but he looked smouldering hot. Like, really, really hot. You can view them here.

Josh and his wife Amy finally got the boot on last night’s episode. The West Australian couple scored only 31 out of 130 for their ultimate instant restaurant cook.