Friends star Cole Sprouse confirms sad theory on what happened to Ben

By Marni Dixit February 22, 2019
Ben and Ross Friends


Cole Sprouse has finally come forward to offer his two cents on why his character Ben disappeared from Friends without a trace, and guys, it may just break your hearts.

A little while ago a theory went around that the reason Ben disappears from the show is that Ross loses custody of him.

After his last appearance on the show Ben's only mentioned six times in the remaining 54 episodes and seemingly never meets his half-sister Emma. 

People believe the theory could be true because Ross made a lot of strange decisions that could have tipped Ben's mum Carol over the edge.

Reddit user and author D.F. Lovett explains some of the things Ross does that may have lead to Carol's decision. They include, but are not limited to:

1. He tried to convince a self-defence instructor to help him "scare" Rachel and Phoebe.

2. He tried to hook up with his first cousin.

3. He's actually quite manipulative in his relationships.

4. He has a relationship with one of his students.

Lovett writes:

"Think about everything we know about Ross. He’s very jealous. He’s possessive. He’s arguably emotionally-abusive. He believes in the friend zone and has symptoms of a Men’s Rights Activist. 

"And as the seasons unfold, narrowing down to the ending where he and Rachel end up ostensibly happy every after, he seems to be coming completely unhinged.

"Did Ross’s insanity hit a breaking point with his ex-wife? Could she no longer handle his nice guy syndrome and homophobic snickering? Did she decide to take full custody of her son? 

"Did Ross even fight her for Ben, or just let him go, shifting his focus to the new baby he had with the woman of his obsession? He couldn’t even handle his daughter having a male caregiver."

Since the theory was revealed, we haven't heard Cole's opinion on the matter. Until now.

The Riverdale star appeared in an episode of GQ's Actually Me, where he went undercover to speak to fans online. 

One of the questions he's asked is:

"How do you feel about basically being killed off of Friends?"

To which he responds:

"Critics would agree that Ross was never really the most present father, and so it doesn't surprise me too much."

Not the answer we were hoping for, but there you go ladies and gentlemen...

Image: NBCU Photo Bank