Comedian Kathy Griffin collapses on stage in Dublin

By Ally Parker November 10, 2017

Poor Kathy!

Comedian Kathy Griffin, 57, has fainted on stage during a performance in Dublin.

According to The New York Times, the comedian was in the middle of a joke about Mariah Carey when she froze, slumped and said, “I’m going down.”

Griffin’s boyfriend, Randy Bick reportedly rushed onstage to help her.

She posted a video to Twitter a short while later explaining the collapse:

“I’m embarrassed more than anything. This one’s for you, Wendy Williams. Girl down. I had a girl-down moment,” she said referring to Wendy Williams’ (now meme-ified) collapse on Halloween this year).

“I promise to be upright the entire show next time.”

The incident comes after the comedian lost gigs for her "insensitive" photo holding up a fake head of Donald Trump. She recieved numerous death threats, lost sponsorships and was fired from her position as host of CNN's annual New Year's Eve special for the stunt. 

She was also put on the no-fly list and became the subject of a Secret Service investigation for, she says, “conspiracy to assassinate the president.”

Glad you're okay and back to your jokes Kathy!

Lead Image: The Project / Channel 10


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