Completely New Freddie Mercury Music Video Released

By Krisinda Merhi June 23, 2019


Calling all Freddie Mercury fans- you’re in for a treat. 

Universal Music Group have surprised us with a never-before-seen music video for  the track ‘Time Waits For No One’. 

Freddie is shown belting out the track on stage at the Dominion Theatre in London accompanied by a piano and nothing else (which is testimony to how much of a talent he was).

The song was originally recorded way back in April 1986 as part of a concept album for Dave Clark's 1986 musical Time. Dave and Freddie were close friends who often collaborated. 

UMG also released a clip of an interview conducted between the two friends, which gives us a glimpse into their friendship.

"We got on great . . . if I didn't like something I'd say, and vice versa," Dave says in the video. 

"We were both aiming for the same thing: to make something special."

Images: Universal Music Group.