Courtney Cox is returning to TV with a new show!

By Marni February 12, 2016
Monica from Friends with Rachel's trifle

Monica Courtney Cox is set to return to screens again after her show Cougar Town finished up last year!

Courtney is going to be starring in the show, Charity Case, as Hailey, a widow how has inherited her billionaire husband's charity after he passes away, she soon realises how messy the world can be and no doubt (we hope) hilarity ensues.

Not only is she acting in the show, but Courtney will also be the executive producer!

Monica giving thumbs up on Friends


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Courtney isn't the only Friends actor who's scored themselves a new job, though.

We recently found out that Matt LeBlanc will be the new co-host of Top Gear, and he'll also be starring in a new show (hilariously) called, I'm Not Your Friend.

Joey dressed as Superman on Friends


Matthew Perry is still starring in The Odd Couple reboot, Lisa Kudrow is working on her own show, The Comeback, while David Schwimmer is currently starring as Robert Kardashian in American Crime Story.

Jennifer Aniston has got a few films to be released in the coming year including, Mean Moms, The Yellow Birds, and Mother's Day.

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