Take a closer look at the Queen's marriage with 'The Crown' S2

By Stephanie Nuzzo August 11, 2017
128 the crown netflix trailer.jpg

The sneak peek at the second season of the show looks even more powerful than the first.

Fans of Netflix original series, The Crown, rejoice because you’ve been given your first peek at the second instalment of the royal narrative. 

The first season of the series, which received 13 Emmy nominations in total, left off with Queen Elizabeth settling into her role as monarch as her relationship with Philip became more and more strained. 

According to Entertainment Weekly, the second season will span across 1956–64 and will follow the relationship of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip even more closely. 

Claire Foy, who plays her majesty in the series, spoke to EW about the upcoming season and what it means for her character: 

“I think [Queen Elizabeth] starts to realise she needs to pay more attention to her personal life now that the other part of her life is going all right,” she said. 

“The world’s changing faster than anyone can catch up with. There is no letup. She just keeps having to go from one crisis to another to another, and at some point, it’s about five crises at the same time and you have no idea how she manages to get up in the morning.” 

Peter Morgan, the show’s creator, spoke about Prince Philip and his alleged infidelity with Elle magazine, sharing that the “soul” of the season “is about his complexity.”

“I find him extraordinarily interesting,” he told the mag.

If you want to learn more, have a watch of the preview below: