Elton John Was "24 Hours From Death" In Prostate Cancer Battle

By Krisinda Merhi October 6, 2019
Elton John

"I lay awake all night, wondering if I was going to die."

Elton John has opened up about his secret battle with prostate cancer.

The Rocket Man singer battled the illness in private back in 2017 and hasn't revealed much about the struggle. 

Until now. 

Elton's new memoir, Me: Elton John, delves deeper into his fight with cancer and he says complications following surgery left him "24 hours from death".

"I was taken to King Edward VII’s Hospital in London, where I had a scan," he penned. 

"I was told that my condition was so serious, the hospital didn’t have the equipment to cope with it."

The singer was told he’d contracted a major infection in South Africa, which ultimately put his life at risk.

"The doctors told David (Furnish, husband) I was 24 hours away from death," he explained. "If the South American tour had gone on for another day that would have been it: brown bread (dead)."

Explaining he was "incredibly lucky", Elton added: "I lay awake all night, wondering if I was going to die.

"In the hospital, alone at the dead of night, I’d prayed: Please don’t let me die, please let me see my kids again, please give me a little longer."

The star made a full recovery from the illness, and is currently on the road with his final Farewell Yellow Brick Road concert tour.

Source: WENN. 

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