This Fact About Michelle Obama Will Make You Love Her Even More

By Krisinda Merhi May 27, 2019

What a legend!

We want to be Michelle Obama when we grow up. 

Scratch that, we want to be Michelle Obama always. 

She’s strong and successful and charismatic and down to earth. No, we’ve never met her, but that’s what she’s like in our heads and definitely how she seems in public. 

michelle obama dancing GIF by So You Think You Can Dance

Michelle’s memoir, Becoming, gives even more insight into her personality and inner workings of her life and mind. It also gives us a bunch more reasons to love her. 

Our favourite: the fact that Michelle paid for all her own clothes and accessories as First Lady. 

She calls it her ‘White House Style Strategy.’

“I paid for all my own clothes and accessories—with the exception of some items like the couture-level gowns I wore to formal events, which were lent to me by the designers and would later be donated to the National Archives, thus adhering to White House ethics guidelines,” Michelle writes. 

Yeah, paying for couture would take a serious toll on the bank account. 

Michelle also explains how, when trying on clothes, she would do the familiar squat test. You know the one: you try on a tight dress or tight pair of pants and squat to make sure you can walk/breathe/eat without splitting a seam. 

struggling homer simpson GIF

“In my dressing room, I’d put on a new dress and then squat, lunge, and pinwheel my arms, just to be sure I could move. Anything too restrictive, I put back on the rack,” Michelle explains in her book. 

So basically what we’re hearing is that Michelle Obama is just like us. Which means we’re just like her. Which means we’ve achieved Michelle Obama status in life. 


Not really. 

We can dream. 

Images: Michelle Obama / Instagram, Giphy / Giphy.