Fans slam The Block's Sara after she accuses Foreman Dan of intimidation

By Marni Dixit August 8, 2018
Sara The Block

"That made me feel intimidated. That’s NOT ON."

The Block's Sara surprised everyone on Tuesday night's episode after demanding cash from other teams and accusing foreman Dan Reilly of intimidation tactics. 

Her bizarre outburst came after her husband Hayden agreed to pay another team's tradie fees for one day without telling her.

Spence was unable to have his tradies work for several hours because of the work being done on Sara and Hayden's apartment so Hayden agreed to pay a $700 "hold up" fee. 

Sara was furious when she found out so she decided to pass on the $700 bill to Bianca and Carla because she believed the only reason she and Hayden were late was because Bianca and Carla were running late. 

Bianca and Carla were surprised to have the third-hand bill being passed on to them without negotiation or warning. 

Carla tells her, "We don't think that's right."

Sara doesn't care, saying, "Yeah, we do. I'm not arguing with you."

At this point foreman Dan approaches and tries to find out what's going on, reminding Sara he told her earlier she should talk to the girls about finding a way for them to repay her for the delay they caused. At the time he suggested she ask them to do her and Hayden's water pip insulation or "lagging".

Sara has a very different version of events, telling Dan:

“Dan, you came to me, and you started yelling in my face. You did. Yeah, you did.”

Foreman Dan

Dan responds:

“I didn’t. It takes a lot for me to yell. I said, ‘I think you should go upstairs and ask the girls to do your lagging’. Can we go the replay? I don’t think I was yelling.”

In the replay, Dan was calm and measured as he advised Sara about what to do. 

He adds:

“If you think I was coming across yelling, I apologise … but I wasn’t yelling."

Sara then begins to raise her voice:

“OK fine, it wasn’t yelling... But it was in a very assertive tone, that made me feel intimidated. That’s NOT ON. Because I don’t know ANYTHING about building.”

Fans took to social media to slam Sara's reaction to the whole thing:

Dan tells the cameras how he's confused how he's somehow offended Sara considering he's only interacted with her for a couple of minutes. 

“I only just met Sara briefly this morning, I’ve only just briefly met her yesterday as well. She’s a very interesting character … Very much like my missus, she is. I’m a bit scared to come in this apartment!”

After all of the fighting, Spence decides to wear the cost rather than causing conflict between all the teams. 

Image: Channel Nine