The final Game Of Thrones poster puts a dragon on the Iron Throne (kinda)

By Krisinda Merhi March 25, 2019

Well, kinda. 

There is no shortage of Game Of Thrones content on the internet, especially as the final season nears (April 14, book it in). 

It’s easy to fall down the rabbit hole. And the hole just gets deeper every time HBO releases new footage/posters/general information. 

So are we surprised the final Season 8 poster generated a bunch of fan theories? Not in the slightest. 

But there’s something you may not have noticed about the latest poster. Or maybe you’re more observant than we are and you DID notice: 

The throne is actually a dragon. 

Complete with blinking amber eyes. 

When we had this realisation we had two thoughts: 

That’s siiiiick. 

Wait, is this ANOTHER clue about who ends up on the throne? 

Let’s be real, at this stage anything and everything is a clue about who ends up on the throne. But making a dragon INTO the throne is something else. 

It’s basically HBO telling us, “Khaleesi wins”. 

Game Of Thrones posters have a history of giving away everything and nothing about the upcoming seasons. 

The poster for Season 1 put Ned Stark on the throne and he got ruthlessly beheaded in the final episode (we never got over it): 

The Season 4 poster is a BLACK raven made of SWORDS and the slogan ‘All men must die’: 

Season 4 was the season of some big deaths: Joffrey, Lysa Arryn, Oberyn Martell, Ygritte, Tywin Lannister. 

It was also the season that the Battle of Castle Black occurs; when the Wildling army storm The Wall and come head to head with the Night’s Watch. 

Think about the poster then think about the battle; men in black, lots of swords, lots of deaths. 

You get it. 

The thing about all of these posters is we only ever realise what they mean in hindsight. 

That means AFTER we’ve watched our favourite characters die. 

So the latest Season 8 poster could be the biggest clue of them all, but we won't know until it’s too late. 


Images: Game of Thrones, HBO, Giphy / Giphy.