Former MAFS stars reveal what actually happens behind the scenes

By Marni Dixit January 24, 2019

“You get fed lines. It’s all scripted and all staged.”​

Former Married At First Sight stars Tracey Jewel and Nasser Sultan have spoken to WHO Magazine, warning viewers not to be fooled by the show, suggesting it's not what it seems.

Tracey revealed that in order to ensure the dinner parties are dramatic, they separate everyone for hours beforehand so there's all this tension when the couples arrive:

“They want the dinner parties to be as explosive as possible... You have to rock up at noon and sit in a tent until like 4pm on your own and you have all these emotions bubbling to the surface and seething before you walk in.”

When it comes to Commitment Ceremonies, Nasser revealed it's not really your choice whether you stay or go:

“You sit in the ‘pig pen’ for about three hours and then at about 5pm they get you to write down your decision – whether you want to stay or go. If you want to leave but the producers want you to stay, they take you into a private room and convince you that you need to stay."

"But if they want you to go, or if you don’t have a good storyline, then you’ll go.”

Apparently, the couples are also separated often, so if you're having an argument with them, you aren't able to talk it through which Tracey describes as "psychologically" hard. 

The author also revealed she's been contacted by someone from this year's season who's worried he'll be portrayed as the next Dean:

"He’s worried that he’s going to be the most hated man and worried about the way he’s going to be edited."

I mean, we never thought these shows were edited truthfully, did we?!

Adding to the whole 'not-so-reality TV' thing, the pair said the show is basically scripted. Jewel said:

“It’s 100 per cent manipulated because all you do is sit alone and think about everything for hours – they want to capture everything on camera. They really play with your emotions."

Sultan added:

“You get fed lines. It’s all scripted and all staged.”

Anyone else still secretly excited for the show to return on Sunday?! 

Image: Channel Nine