Former MKR star Ash Pollard doesn't look like this anymore...

By Marni Dixit December 6, 2017

She looks so different!

Ash Pollard has appeared on My Kitchen Rules, Dancing With The Stars and I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! but she may be best known for her curly locks. However, she's gone and changed all that by sharing a new look that's worlds away from her previous look.

In the reality star's Instagram stories, she showed off her new 'Jackie Kennedy'-style bob – and seriously, we did a double take! 


Before the cut was done, Ash told her hairdresser, "Darl don't cut too much off we could be in trouble!" Obviously surprised by how different she looked, Ash said, "Oh my god look at how short that is!"

Speaking to herself in the mirror, she added, "Oh hey Jackie Kennedy, what are you doing sweeties?"

What do you think of the new lewk? 

Image: Scott Barbour/Getty Images