George Michael thought his life was a ‘waste of time’

By Christina Cavaleri October 12, 2017

George Michael spent twenty years grieving over the loss of his first love

It was a sad day for George Michael fans around the world when he passed away last Christmas Day.

The 53-year-old singer was found dead in bed at his Oxfordshire home. A coroner's report attributed his death to natural causes.

Fans leave flowers at George Michael's house

Michael was producing his own documentary on himself before he passed away.

In the documentary, Michael dismisses his entire life as “a waste of time” and admits he never recovered from the death of his first love.

The Sun reports that Michael was putting the final touches to ‘Freedom’ just two days before his death.

In his now final message to fans, he reveals how he was still struggling to get over losing boyfriend Anselmo Feleppa, who died from AIDS more than two decades earlier.

“He still, 23 years later, brings a tear to my eye. He was my saviour.”

His close friend, Kate Moss introduces and describes the documentary as “George Michael’s final work,” which provides a captivating insight into a troubled star who battled his demons to the end.

The documentary has interviews, archive footage and home videos that would have never been seen before.

A-list friends and music peers feature in the 90-minute documentary including Sir Elton John, Stevie Wonder and Liam Gallagher.

However, Michael employed an actor to pose as him while the singer narrates throughout.

It is reported that this was the situation due to Michael gaining weight towards the end of his life.

“I hope people think of me as someone who had some kind of integrity. I hope I’m remembered for that — very unlikely. 

“I think it’s all been a waste of time, a waste of effort.”

According to reports, there is no mention of the 44-year-old Australian hairdresser, who had been with the star for seven years and found him dead at home in his bed on Christmas Day last year.

George Michael: Freedom will air on Channel 4 on Monday (October 16) at 9pm in the United Kingdom. 

Image credit: Getty images/Daniel Leal-Olivas and Eddy Lemaistre