Guy Sebastian reveals his substantial ‘weight gain’

By Staff Writer April 12, 2018
Guy Sebastian


Who can forget that time Guy Sebastian got incredibly buff last year? Need a reminder? 

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A post shared by guysebastian (@guysebastian) on

The man has clearly worked pretty damn hard for those gains and despite looking and feeling better than ever before, it hasn’t stopped the trolls.

The singer shared a snap of himself wearing a baggy shirt and pants on Wednesday and it wasn’t long before people began commenting saying he’s too “thin”. 

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Some of the comments read:

“U look too skinny my bro.”

“You need to eat more! Way [too] thin... looks unhealthy.”

“Oh wow had to look twice - you have lost an awful lot of weight.”

Many other fans defended the star, and Guy himself commented on the post, writing:

“Someone just told me to look at the weight comments! It seriously must be a weird angle or something peeps I’m the same weight I’ve been for ages! In fact maybe slightly heavier after being in the US! Big love to you all.”

He then shared another photo of himself in the music video for ‘Mind On You’ where he wore a fat suit. He jokingly captioned the snap:​

“There were a few comments regarding my weight on the last picture I posted. I’m sharing this pic today without FaceTune or photoshop to show that we can’t all strive for perfection.”


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He added the hashtags:

“#embraceYou #realtalk #ownyourcurves #morecusionforthepushin.”

One fan commented, “Why can’t everyone just be happy. Haha [it’s] not so hard is it?”

Many others commented on how funny the photo is, saying Guy's humour is just one of the reasons they love him and we’d have to agree!

Image: Don Arnold/WireImage