Harper Beckham and Anna Wintour look the same from behind and we’re shook

By Krisinda Merhi February 19, 2019

Bob cut = iconic

You know Anna Wintour. 

At least WE HOPE you know Anna Wintour. 

This lady:

Famed editor of Vogue, otherwise known as ‘the bob’ and less notably known as ‘sunglasses’.

And this is Harper Beckham, youngest (and cutest) child of soccer star David Beckham and fashion icon/Posh Spice Victoria Beckham.

The two ladies crossed paths on Sunday when Victoria premiered her new collection at London Fashion Week. 

It was bomb, btw.


Anywaaayy, Harper and Anna sat next to each other during the show and it didn’t take long for dad David to do what all dads do best and poke fun at the pair. 

But like, seriously, who's who?

Sitting side-by-side the resemblance is even more uncanny:

The blunt bob! The bangs! So chic, so iconic. 

Brb, we’re gonna go cut our hair and buy 5 black turtlenecks. 

Images: Victoria Beckham / Instagram, Giphy / Giphy.