Henry Cavill (AKA Superman) Cast As Sherlock Holmes

By Krisinda Merhi July 1, 2019

Man of Stealth. 

The name Henry Cavill probably rings a faint, far off bell somewhere in the back of your mind but you can’t place where you know it from. 

Let us refresh your memory: he’s a British actor with a jawline that could cut glass, the most beautiful Japanese Akita (that’s a dog) and is the dude that plays Superman in the DC movies. 

Henry Cavill:

Now the Man of Steel is swapping the cape for a detective’s cap and smoking pipe, because he’s just even cast as the 753rd person to play Sherlock Holmes. 

Henry will play the iconic role in the 2020 movie Enola Holmes alongside Millie Bobby Brown and Helena Bonham Carter- no biggie. 

excited millie bobby brown GIF by Converse

The plot of the movie actually seems pretty cool- it tells the tale of Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes' much younger sister, Enola, who turns out to be a highly capable detective in her own right.

We sense a little sibling rivalry on the horizon. 

Honestly, we’re just super keen to see Henry in a well-fitting suit and British accent solving crimes. Nothing more attractive than a guy in period dress who actually has a brain. 

Images: James Devaney / Getty, Giphy / Giphy.