Home Alone: Fun facts you didn't know about your fave holiday movie

By Alexander Pan December 6, 2018

Read through this list before re-watching the movie!

Now that the holidays are upon us, it's time for one of our favourite things to do every year - dusting off the 1990 all-time classic Home Alone for a nostalgia-filled rewatch.

Since we're all gonna watch the movie again while eating a giant cheese pizza to ourselves, we thought we might get y'all warmed up with some facts about Home Alone that you may or may not have known.

Get ready, ya filthy animals!

The iconic mirror scream was completely improvised

Who hasn't tried to replicate the scream at some point while in the bathroom? As it turns out, the whole scream was nothing more than a happy accident that happened to catch pop-culture's attention.

According to the movie's director, Chris Columbus, the scream was scripted but Kevin was meant to slap on the aftershave and then move his hands before screaming.

Instead, Macaulay Culkin kept his hands "glued to his face" on the first take and Columbus just went with it.

That tarantula on Marv's face was 100% real

When talking about that scene to The Hollywood Reporter back in 2015, Stern revealed that the tarantula was definitely real and despite his reservations (unsurprisingly), he ultimately let them "put the friggin' tarantula on [his] face".

As for the follow-up scream that Marv lets out, that was also 100% real and not dubbed in later like what many people believed.

No acting required for that scene then!

The black and white gangster movie - Angels With Filthy Souls - Kevin watches is not real

Remember the scene where Kevin is watching that black and white gangster movie while tucking into a giant bowl of ice cream ("eating junk and watching rubbish" in his own words)?

Well don't bother looking for that movie anywhere because it is fake and was made specifically for Home Alone.

It's the same story for the fake movie's sequel - Angels With Even Filthier Souls - which was in Home Alone 2, it is nothing more than another well-made fake.

Sorry, ya filthy animals.

Method acting and then some

Joe Pesci wanted to make Harry's interactions with Kevin feel authentic, so he avoided Culkin on set to intimidate the him. It worked like a charm and Culkin was certainly scared of Pesci.

Things did go a little bit too method during the scene where Kevin is caught and hung on a coat hook - Pesci actually bit Culkin's finger and broke the skin.

As for Stern, during the scene where Marv sticks his head through the doggie door, he accidentally clipped his nose on the way out and cut himself.

In another memorable scene where Marv steps on ornaments, those ornaments were real and Stern actually stepped on them barefoot. Okay, so the ornaments were made of candy glass but it would've still hurt!

Macaulay wasn't the only Culkin in the movie

Remember the Pepsi-swigging, bed-wetting Fuller?

Turns out the character was played by Macaulay's younger brother, Keiran!

You can definitely see the resemblance there!

Buzz's girlfriend wasn't actually a girl

Remember the scene where Kevin digs through Buzz's stuff and finds a picture of his girlfriend? 

Columbus revealed that he (rightfully) thought it would be too mean to cast a girl as Buzz's girlfriend since she would be labeled the "ugly" girl forever.

Instead, he got the Home Alone art director's son to dress up for the photo.

It worked out for the best TBH!

John Candy filmed his scenes as the "Polka King of the Midwest" Gus Polinski in just one day

Comedy legend John Candy worked overtime on Home Alone as he filmed all his scenes in one 24-hour chunk.

And according to Columbus, he improvised a lot.

Remember that scene where he tells the story about leaving his kid in a funeral home? Completely made up on the spot.

It's a wonder how everyone around him was able to keep a straight face long enough to get through all their scenes without breaking into laughter.