Official: House Husbands has been axed

By Ally Parker February 6, 2018

Another one bites the dust.

You've read the headline but we'll confirm it just in case: Channel Nine's House Husbands has officially been axed.



The show, which aired five seasons, is the latest TV series to be pulled from the network and has reportedly come down due to funding issues.

Hamish Turner, Nine's program director, made the official announcement on Monday, confirming this.

House Husbands had a great run over five seasons, and it certainly could continue with the numbers it was getting," Hamish told TV Tonight.

"However, there is no question the 65 episode cap on the Producer Offset is a major financial hurdle for all long-running dramas. Hopefully that restriction will change."

Nine had explored the possibility of a spin-off around Gary Sweet’s Lewis Crabb but opted not to proceed, concluding with 58 episodes.

The news comes after Nine pulled the plug on Love Child, starring Jessica Marais.

Channel Seven's The Secret Daughter has also reportedly been axed.

Aussie producer John Edwards told The Daily Mail that he feels a lot of the problems with Aussie dramas come from a fear to push boundaries:

“I think there is a fear of breaking new ground at the moment,” he said. “A paradigm-shift will come from a good show. There will be a new surge of energy.”

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