How this young boy looks at Meghan Markle is the definition of true love

By Krisinda Merhi February 1, 2019

We got ourselves a royal crush


Being heavily pregnant ain’t no barrier for Meghan Markle who has continued to do the royal rounds. 

One of the latest things on her agenda? Visiting London’s Royal National Theatre to meet a group of elementary school children and actors. 

The duchess watched the children perform a short performance inspired by the play War Horse. 

(Sidenote: we hope she was wearing waterproof mascara)

All in a days work, really. 

Meghan is no stranger to being in the spotlight and has had her fair share of cute interactions with small children since becoming a royal. 

And on this particular visit there was one particular young boy who just melted our hearts. 

But something tells us his heart is melting for Meghan instead. 

If a look says a thousand words then the way this little dude looks at Meghan says a million. 

We hate to break it to you man, but there’s a ring on her finger and a bun in her oven. Not to mention she’s about four times your age, so probably no chance there. 

But we like your passion. 

Find yourself a dude that looks at you how this young Romeo looks at Meghan. 

Or at least looks at you how we look at freshly baked bread. #TrueLove. 

Images: Getty.