Ian Thorpe shares his future baby plans with boyfriend, Ryan Channing

By Christina Cavaleri December 4, 2017

He will be an amazing father

Ian Thorpe was all smiles when Australia finally decided to be behind marriage equality. Now he is gushing about another dream he is working towards, fatherhood. 

It’s official, Aussies are behind marriage equality. Let’s get it done!

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The 35-year-old spoke to Woman's Day about his hope for a family now that he has had a taste of being an uncle to nephew Hayden.

“I’ve always wanted to have a family - a family of my own.

“I’ve loved being an uncle and I would love being a father as well.”

Thorpe has been dating Ryan Channing, 28, since 2016 and has hinted at marriage plans.

Great night at Vue under the stars on #hamiltonisland #ahirw

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Clearly Thorpe is a natural with Hayden, his sister Christine’s son.

“Uncle duties today with my two-week-old nephew Hayden.”

Uncle duties today with my 2 week old nephew Hayden

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Fingers crossed we see Thorpe and Channing heading down the isle sometime soon!

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