The Internet Has Found ‘Proof’ Prince Charles Gave Donald Trump ‘The Finger’

By Isabella Bull December 5, 2019

He did that?

As the longest-serving heir apparent to the British throne, Prince Charles has plenty of experience dealing with characters of all shapes and sizes… but it's his latest encounter that has royal theorists in a brain spin.

Footage of the NATO reception between the royal family and the first couple of the US (Donald and Melania Trump) appears to show the almost King issuing a rather pointed signal to frenemy Donald Trump - by way of ‘the bird’.

Watch the footage for yourself:

As the Queen, Charles and Camilla greet Trump and Melania at Buckingham Palace, Charles is overcome with an itchy nose.

The Prince tilts his head down and slowly begins to scratch the itch… with his middle finger.

A coincidence, Charles? We’re not so sure.

And the investigation begins.

CNN has reported Donald Trump and the Prince of Wales have a “good working relationship” since the President’s infamous state visit to the UK earlier this year.

In total, they’ve known each other for almost 15 years, with their first meeting in 2005 on Charles and Camilla’s US tour.

Trump also has an odd obsession with Charles’ mum AKA Her Majesty, telling Fox News he had “automatic chemistry” with the “spectacular woman”.

Now, these things might point to an unintentional flick of the finger - until you consider the flip side.

We’ve all been a few mins late to brunch with the pals, but Trump has taken it to the next level with the royal family. 

After standing up the Queen entirely in early 2018, the President showed up incredibly late for their eventual tea meeting in July of that year. One would think that would prompt him to invest in a sturdy watch - but alas, no.

Donald Trump literally kept Charles waiting a whole hour for tea at Clarence House and then left after 15 minutes and a few quick pics. 

Then there was the time Charles attempted to take Trump back to school for a basic education on climate change.

The Prince of Wales reportedly lectured Trump on climate change for 90 minutes in June. Charles is a well known environmental advocate, having warned against the effects of pollution and global warming since the 1970s.

All this seems to have gone directly over Donald’s head, who told Piers Morgan after the fact:

“The United States right now has among the cleanest climates there are based on all statistics,” citing areas such as water and air quality. 

Awkwardly, the US is one of the world’s biggest producers of greenhouse gas emissions (OECD).

We’ve saved the worst/best for last.

Back in Trump’s 1997 book, ‘The Art of the Comeback’, the future President mused that his only regret in “the female department” was that he “never had the opportunity to court Lady Diana Spencer”  AKA the mother of Charles’ two children.

Trump followed this up in typical Trump fashion, by boasting shortly after Diana’s death that he “could have slept with” the late princess.

So did Charles, or didn’t Charles, flip the bird at Donald Trump?

We mean, make up your own mind… but we know which side we’re betting on.

Images: Getty/WPA Pool, Twitter