It's official, this is The Bachelorette's new Jarrod Woodgate

By Marni Dixit October 12, 2018
Ali Oetjen Bachelorette

That didn’t take long!

Who’d have thought that after less than two episodes of Ali Oetjen’s season of The Bachelorette we’d have already found our Jarrod?

And to find out it would be Charlie of all people? 

Honestly, we had him picked as our winner, but the curse of the Stage 5 Clinger on these shows doesn’t bode well for him.

On Thursday night’s episode, Charlie was chosen for the first date – which isn’t great news if you remember the fact that no one who’s gone on the first date has ever won.

Sorry, Charlie, it’s science.

Anyway, Charlie went on the first date (which was perhaps one of the strangest dates they’ve put a couple through on The Bachelorette) with the pair playing Twister on a mat that was suspended one kilometre above the ground. 

They didn’t actually end up playing Twister, because that would have been incredibly terrifying and also, whoever thought of that date is a crazy person, instead, they sat on the mat and played tonsil hockey.

The pair then moved to the wine and cheese part of the date and kissed a little more before Ali gives Charlie a rose… And then they continued to make out.

Charlie told Ali he could definitely see himself falling in love with her and wants all the same things she wants in life. She’s already in love with him despite telling herself she wouldn't fall for the first guy she met.

Charlie arrived back at the mansion looking very smug indeed, giving the boys a very stern talking to:

“She knows exactly what she wants. And she’s very strong about it. And if you’re not ready for that then there’s the door. If you guys aren’t here for the right reasons then you’re just wasting everyone’s time.”

Yep, Charlie is the new Jarrod and already thinks Ali is his girlfriend and his girlfriend only, forgetting she has like 20 other boyfriends sitting in front of him.

Many people on social media also likened Charlie to Cassie Wood from the Honey Badger’s season of The Bachelor:

Maybe Charlie will be the first person in Australian Bachie history to break the first date rule and actually win? 

Who knows, but we are living for the drama on this show! 

Image: Channel Ten