Jamie Oliver shocks fans as he bans prams in his restaurants

By Marni Dixit August 22, 2016
Jamie Oliver

He welcomed his fifth child two weeks ago, but it seems Jamie Oliver isn't too keen on fellow parents from bringing their own children in prams to his restaurants.

Jamie Oliver has left fans shocked with his decision to ban prams from his restaurant in Cornwall, Fifteen.

With five children himself, many wonder why the celebrity chef would choose to do this. One mother told The Sun she carried her pram down the steep stairs with her baby inside before being told of the ban:

"Despite our child being asleep and there being empty tables with lots of space around them, we were told this was the policy."

"Considering Jamie has five kids we were very shocked."

The decision was reportedly made following discussions aiming to address space issues at the seaside venue. Management told the publication parents should make use of capsules or the restaurant's own high chairs.

"The baby would need to be included in the number of people booked for the table so we have enough room to pop a chair there for the carseat to sit on, or for a highchair if they are awake."


The restaurant does, however, make space for wheelchair users and service dogs.