Jessica Alba says Australia helped land her one billion dollars

By Sangeeta Kocharekar January 18, 2016

Glad we could help out, Jessica Alba...

Jessica Alba is on the cover of Vogue Australia's February issue and in the accompanying interview, the A-list actress revealed how the idea of her billion-dollar eco-friendly business The Honest Company came about.

“I did a TV show in Australia for two years, and that’s where I learned about homoeopathy and homoeopathic medicine,” she told the magazine.

The actress was referring to her time living in Byron Bay when she was 14 years old and shooting The New Adventures of Flipper.

“I was actually vegetarian when I lived in Australia and I learned about veggie pies, because everyone had meat pies. So I found out how to make lentils and tofu veggie pies.”

The interviewer went so far as to straight-up ask Jessica if our ~humble~ country can take credit for her entire business.

“Yeah, totally, actually. And also there are so many natural products and natural things like tea tree oil and all this tea tree-based stuff that came out of Australia, so I would bring that home with me. I learned a lot.”

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