Judges Pete and Manu forced to address MKR scandal

By Ally Parker April 10, 2018

Did they go too far?

 My Kitchen Rules' judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans have been forced to break their silence about the reality show scandal revealed yesterday.

In a controversial first for Channel 7’s series, a new promo shows the two chefs confirm that a team will be booted from the cooking competition.

Said booting will occur in an episode next week due to “unprecedented attacks” against fellow competitors.

“We would like to take a moment to talk about the events that led to one team being removed from My Kitchen Rules,” Manu says in the promo clip.

“After continued warnings and an unprecedented attack on all the teams, we had to act.”

TV Week has shared that the reason behind the surprise booting was some pretty heated exchanges.

Reportedly, while at Jess and Emma's dinner party, Sonya and Hadil are believed to have dished (pun intended) out some savage criticisms:

"The fact that they're here is an insult to anyone that can cook,” Hadil said at one stage. 

The comments then turned personal, with swipes made between the four women throughout the event. 

TV Week reports that eventually, Manu Feidel was forced to intervene once Hadil is reported to have threatened another contestant, Josh, telling him: “Don't let me come for you!”

On the drama, the mag states Feidel said:

"This behaviour is unacceptable. 

"Hopefully this is the first and last time [someone is sent home]."  

Jess spoke with the mag about the incident, telling them the argument became “nasty”:

"They started getting personal and went really low and nasty, so I don't give a s**t," she told the publication.

Image: Seven Network