Kate Hudson is getting slammed online for this baby confession

By Ally Parker September 10, 2017
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Does this offend you? 

Kate Hudson has angered many people with her latest baby confession that she made while appearing in this month's Cosmopolitan.

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It seems that Kate didn't quite hit the mark when it came to answer the question about what the laziest thing the star had ever done she replied:

“Have a C-section.”

Mother-of-two and writer for Scary Mommy, Valerie Williams immediately responded to set the record straight, using her own C-section as an example:

“While numb from the chest down, motionless on an operating table, hearing my own blood being suctioned from the fresh hole cut into my stomach, I thought to myself — this is so f***ing lazy.”

Anyone who has ever watched a single episode of One Born Every Minute knows just how intense a caesarean truly is. We checked it out on Babble and... well, weve been apologising to our mothers ever since.

"The skin is thin and the blade is so sharp that the underlying yellow fat layer almost bursts out," says Babble. "Usually a retractor called a “bladder blade” is used to pull the lowest part of the opening downward (toward the patient’s feet) so as to protect it from the rest of the procedure."

Yup, your bladder gets thrown around willy nilly and sometimes, removed from your body altogether.

Another woman on Essential Baby has described the experience as akin to looking for your keys:

"The surgeon described it as feeling like my body was a big handbag and they were rummaging around in the bottom for the keys – this is EXACTLY how it felt."

At the end of the day, we’re not going to tell anyone how to give birth or what their experience is about it. Your experience is yours and you can decide how it was.

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