Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are engaged and the ring is amazing

By Krisinda Merhi February 16, 2019

It’s beautiful! 

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are the poster on-again-off-again couple. 

For the last two years we haven’t been fully sure if they were still together. 

One minute Orlando has his willie out while paddle boarding with his gal, and the next the couple haven’t been snapped together in months. 

But Korlando (ie: Katy and Orlando) spotting have become more frequent in recent months. 

Most recently the pair were spotted attending Jennifer Anniston’s 50th bday bash together and then leaving on a motorcycle. 

And in a plot twist no one saw coming (are we just cynical?), Katy and Orlando are engaged! 

The couple shared the news on Instagram with this happy snap:

“Full bloom,” Katy captioned the seldie, while Orlando shared the same photo, writing, “Lifetimes.

But chances are you didn’t even make it to the captions because HOLY HELL THAT RING. 

Not only is it vintage diamond goodness but it matches Katy’s lips, nails and whole look which is some form of magic we need all the men in our lives to learn. 

Honestly, Orlando, how did you do it?? 

Want to know how much it cost? 

Of course you do. 

It retails in the range of 5 MILLION DOLLARS, according to E! News

Yep, just casually. 

Katy’s mum, Mary Hudson, posted a bunch more pics from the engagement on her Facebook alongside the caption “look who got engaged last night.”

Gotta love mums. 

You can see her pics here

Celebs were also quick to congratulate the new couple, leaving comments on the pic. 

Rita Ora commented, “Can’t wait for the sandwich!!! Congratulations my love bunnies!!”

Sandwich? We think she means baby? 

Moving on. 


And Kate Hudson, bless her, has made herself wedding planner: “Ahhhh!!!! Yeah baby! So happy for you both! I say destination wedding,” she wrote. 

So in summary: 

Yes, they’re still together. 

Actually, they’re engaged. 

The ring is amazing. 

Katy cried. 

Everyone’s happy. 

And we’re still alone. 

Images: Getty / Daniele Venturelli, Giphy / Giphy.