Kirsten Dunst opens up on the struggles of working in Hollywood

By Stephanie Nuzzo August 10, 2017
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This is disappointing.

Thirty-five-year-old Kirsten Dunst has spoken out about the difficulties women in Hollywood face when trying to get work throughout their thirties. The actress, who recently appeared in a supporting role in Hidden Figures, chatted with Nylon magazine about the lack of roles available for women in her age bracket (which is CRAZY) and the impact of that: 

“You’re almost better off being older,” she told the mag, explaining that “good” roles for women are few and far between and when they do appear, they are given out to the actress who are of the moment.

Once you reach your thirties in Hollywood, you’re no longer able to play “the young girl who’s just, like, beautiful and things are happening to her” and so, opportunities dry up, Dunst explained. 

The actress, who has been working since age three, revealed that to add to the difficulties of finding roles as a woman, social media influence is now a factor in getting work in the biz:

“You can get jobs based on your Instagram following these days. That's insane. But that's why I have it now,” she told Marie Claire in a recent interview.

“As a man, you could get away with not having it. As a woman in this industry, I think you gotta do it now, she continued. 

“It's just part of the game.”

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And what a game it is. A recent USC study looked at close to 1,000 scripts and found some pretty staggering results. For one, there was a considerable difference in the number of male characters compared to female (4,900 versus 2,000, respectively). When it came to age, male actors were usually about five years older than the female actors – surprise, surprise. And lastly, about SEVENTY percent of dialogue in films goes to the male actors. 

The circumstances are even worse when you look at roles for people of colour. 

Considering the statistics, it’s no surprise actresses like Dunst are speaking up about unfair treatment and representation in the industry. 

C’mon, Hollywood. Be better. 

Image: Kirsten Dunst/Instagram