Lisa Wilkinson breaks down live on The Project

By Ally Parker May 14, 2018

So sad!

Lisa Wilkinson was left in tears on The Project last night after being surprised with a Mother's Day message from her three children.

The host was treated to a special recording from her three children, Louis, Jake and Billi whom she shares with partner Peter FitzSimons.

Seen on a video recording, the three shared their messages of love:

Louis can be heard saying:

“Hey mum and all the guys on The Project. I just wanted to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to my mum and all the mothers on the show. I want you to put on the best show possible because I know you can. Lots of love from Busan, South Korea.”

“Happy Mother’s Day mum. We’re so lucky to have such an incredible and dedicated mum and I can’t wait until we’re all together again so we can shower you in love and gifts. We love you to bits," said Billi.

Finally, Jake (with his cat) said:

“Sorry I couldn’t see you today, but me and my grumpy cat wanted to wish you a happy Mother’s Day ... You’re the hardest working mum in all of Australia.”

While the messages are undeniably beautiful, Lisa went on to reveal the mixed feelings about the day:

“This is my first Mother’s Day without my mum. I only lost her two months ago, so that’s really, really special,” she said.

Image: The Project / Channel 10