Whoa! Lisa Wilkinson almost had her arm amputated

By Ally Parker December 8, 2017

So scary!

We all remember when former Today host Lisa Wilkinson broke her arm (snapped in two places to be precise) after slipping on a wet bathroom floor during an Italian holiday in July.

News has now emerged that Lisa Wilkinson may have actually dodged an even worse affliction.

The journalist revealed more while speaking at a Business Chicks event.

"The doctors were very sweet, but not very talented, and they put a cast on that cut off my circulation for four or five days," she said according to The Daily Telegraph.

“I knew the floor was slippery, but the moment of falling seemed to take forever."My mind went in slo-mo -- even though my body was in fast-forward -- as I calculated just how bad the fall was going to be."I was right. Very bad.”

Lisa also said that upon her return, Australian doctors were confused by the cast size when she only broke bones in her wrist. It is these doctors who say she narrowly avoided amputation by 24 hours after being "mistreated".

"When they put the cast on I was so out of it because they aren't big on painkillers in Italy... They manipulated my bones back into position without any pain relief."

Lead Image: Getty / Greg Doherty

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