MAFS' Dan Breaks Down As He Confirms He Broke Up With Jess

By Marni Dixit April 13, 2019
Dan and Jess

“The feeling is regret about ever meeting Jess.”

Married At First Sight's Dan Webb and Jessika Power have officially called it quits.

In a video published by Yahoo, Dan revealed he called things off after their awkward Talking Married interview earlier in the week. Unsurprisingly, he said he didn't trust the girl so couldn't see a future.

In the video he said:

Me and Jess have split, let’s get that straight. We have broken up."

There’s allegations coming out that we’re still together. She’s saying we’re still together. We are not together.”

"We are not together! There is no way I am going to be dating that girl after the rumours. I'm glad I finished it, it's done."

Dan, visibly upset, revealed that the rumours surrounding Jess and MAFS groom Nic Jovanovic were the tipping point:

"I just wanted to get to the bottom of the whole situation with her and Nic – if she flirted with him, didn’t flirt with him."

"There’s rumours about her hooking up with him in an elevator. I’m hearing it happened." 

"I was just honest with her. I said, 'Look I don’t think I can continue this. It’s toxic, you’re not being honest with me. I can’t have a relationship with someone if they’re not honest with me'."

The pair was very tense on Talking Married with Dan revealing his trust issues on live TV.

Dan added in the video that his distrust in Jess is the reason he never introduced her to his family or his son. 

He explained how important trust is to him, saying, "I felt like she wasn’t giving me that. There’s been so much crap talk and she just wasn’t being honest."

Dan went on to say he regrets cheating on 'wife' Tamara Joy to be with Jess:

“You live and learn… I have a lot of regret for some of the decisions I’ve made."

“The feeling is regret about ever meeting Jess.”

Image: Channel Nine