MAFS stars spotted hooking up seem to be back with original partners... and we're confused

By Ally Parker February 7, 2018

Well, this awkward...

Troy Delmege (brushes teeth like a maniac, maxes pushups at ten) and Carly Bowyer ('married' to Ice Cream Baron aka Justin) may have originally been set up with different partners but it appears the MAFS couple have found chemistry outside their original union.

AKA with each other. 

New Idea scored photos of Troy and Carly getting very cosy with each other at a park after enjoying a picnic together. And by that, we mean touching each other in ways that aren't quite appropriate for public.

Ew, ew, ew, ew, ew.

A source told the magazine:

“They couldn’t keep their hands off each other and clearly didn’t care who saw them.”

“They had bags from the supermarket and were enjoying a romantic picnic before Carly climbed on top of Troy. There was lots of groping and kissing. It was really full on!”

Since then however, photos have emerged which show Ashley and Troy enjoying a night out in Barangaroo on Friday with fellow contestant Dean. Doesn't sound too sketchy?

They all appeared to be wearing their original wedding rings and Ash and Troy seemed TOTES FINE.

Tracey, Dean's original match was of course not there.

And we're officially confused (with Troy/Carly/Ash triangle, it's obvious why Tracey wasn't there).

Image: Channel Nine / Instagram

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