Matty J and Laura Bryne’s Baby Shower Is What Dreams Are Made Of

By Krisinda Merhi April 1, 2019

You need to see the pics. 

Matty J and Laura Bryne are proof real love can be found on reality TV. 

Their romance was born on The Bachelor Australia in 2017 and has been going strong ever since.

So strong that a new family member is on the way: 

Seriously, how cute is this kid gonna be?!

There’s still a good ten weeks until Baby Johnson arrives, but Matt and Laura celebrated with the baby shower to top all baby showers. 

The event was at one of Sydney’s hottest venues, Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel, with water views, killer catering and a pastel colour palette that had us screen shotting non-stop (and we’re no where near planning our own baby showers). 

Of course, the food matched the colour palette: 

And the cake was perfection: 

Laura looked like a BABE in pastel purple: 

We better look this good when we’re pregnant! 

And this group pic of Laura and Matty with Laura’s sister Alisha and family is almost too cute to handle:

Oh and this one: 

Cool aunty alert! 

And of course, some old Bachie faces made an appearance:

”Two years ago on @thebachelorau we promised that whatever would happen, we would stay friends. And look at you now, a little baby Johnson on the way!” Florence captioned the pic. 

“Can’t believe you got knocked up by The Bachelor! I’m so proud of you honey, and so happy for you and Matt. Can’t wait to meet the little bub!”

Same though. 

BRB, gonna go create a Pinterest board for our future baby shower. 

Images: Laura Bryne / Instagram, Giphy / Giphy.