Meghan Markle is making headlines after her first official royal appearance

By Ally Parker May 23, 2018

Did she nail it?

Is it weird to say we feel a tinge of parental pride watching Meghan Markle taking on royal duties? 

'Cause lawdy do we though.

The Duchess of Sussex (ugh, we still get shivers), stepped out with husband (double shiver), Prince Harry, to celebrate Prince Charles' 70th birthday at Buckingham Palace.

And boy oh boy does Meghan look ever the Duchess already.

Daily Mail report that Harry and Meghan enjoyed only a smidge of a honeymoon so far, preferring to delay in order to spend the day with Prince Charles.

Despite the lack of honeymoon, the pair still seemed well and truly loved up, with Meghan holding tight to Harry throughout.

The event marks the first official occassion that Meghan will be referred to as Her Royal Highness or 'HRH' as it is often known.

We'd also like to direct your attention to this video of Harry from the event in which he is almost felled by a bee.