Michelle Bridges has posted a bodybuilding throwback pic and WOW

By Ally Parker January 23, 2019

I don’t think you're ready for this jelly.

Michelle Bridges, of The Biggest Loser, 12WBT and tbh, a pretty sweet Big W fitness collection, has posted a throwback pic from her body building days and... wow.

And we're not just saying that 'cause it takes us two/three tries to get off the couch these days.

Captioned, "Yep… I don’t think your [sic] ready for this jelly…” the image shows the 48-year-old "a long time ago".


Michelle added via comment that the picture was "just a moment in time... it’s certainly not where or who i am now, but non the less, im personally chuffed at what I was able to achieve with the incredible machine called the human body."

The fitness star has shared similar images a few years when she competed in Miss Figure, Miss Australia Fitness and Miss World Fitness (in USA) in her 20s.

"... gawd that bikini was a bit small?!? I’m cringing but also quite chuffed," she captioned.

Another throwback post reads, "omg that bikini makes my eyes water!!".

Michelle has changed her tune a touch these days according to an interview with news.com.au:

“Exercise isn’t just about looking good in a pair of jeans or looking good in a dress for a wedding, it’s what it does for your head," she told the publication.

“It does such good things for the way in which you think. There’s so much research out there on depression and anxiety and exercise, its completely linked,” she said.

“And then of course what it does for you physiologically in terms of looking after your bone density and strengthening your ligaments and giving you a body that’s agile and energised. You’d be crazy not to do it!”

Which 1) Preach! and 2) Ain't no shame on the bodybuilding gal. 

Image: instagram / Michelle Bridges