The moment that broke our favourite Gogglebox couple

By Marni Dixit November 10, 2017

We really feel for these two!

When Gogglebox's Tom and Wayne sat down to watch Married At First Sight last year and saw two men get married in New Zealand it was a bittersweet moment as Wayne revealed how sad he was that he wasn't able to marry the love of his life in his own country. He told his partner of 17 years:

“It’s Mum’s birthday on Saturday, and it’s the one thing she wanted, was to see us married, and we’re never going to get to do it.”

Tom responded, "We can, one day." It was one of the few serious moments between the pair who are known to be the comedic relief and in the weeks that passed many fans of the couple sent them messages of support. 

Before joining the show the couple, who share three children together, were told to prepare themselves for the hate they would likely receive from viewers, but the reaction was the opposite. Tom told News.Com.Au:

“They forecast we’d be hammered on social media, but it was the reverse... We were accepted. We got nothing but love from this country and we felt fantastic.”

However, the couple began receiving abuse from trolls once the Federal Government announced the postal survey. Tom called the campaign "horrible" and added, "I will never ever, ever forgive our government for putting us through this."

“From the moment this survey was announced we have had the most horrible, nasty things said to us.

“And it has really upset me. I think back to being at school, and the bullying and the things that have happened in my life ... all these people who picked on me now get to decide is my relationship as equal as theirs.

“These hate-filled people get to decide whether my love of him is the same, or as acceptable, as theirs.

“When I met Wayne I was a single parent with three kids. I fought hard to be accepted for who I was and feel strong enough to make sure that my children grew up to be wonderful, contributing adults, and that’s all I cared about.”​

Wayne told the publication that what hurt the most was the fact their ability to raise kids was being questioned by strangers. 

“It’s been really hard. I was quite fortunate with my upbringing. My parents were accepting. Tom on the other hand has had a lot of demons to wrestle which have resurfaced. Unfortunately this campaign has brought out the ugly in a lot of people.”

The pair is refusing to marry outside of Australia and are instead waiting for the day they'll make it legal here. However, when it does become legal it won't be a big party with the pair saying it'll just be them, their children and a party. They added:

“There’s only one person in the world that has a right to say no to marriage, and that’s the person being asked.”

“It’s nobody else’s business.”

Image: Lifestyle Channel